The BRAND NEW t.o.m.t. Studio Workshop.

And this is the BRAND NEW t.o.m.t. studio where the classes will be held. The studio space is in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The class  will consist of 4-8 students. very person who has entered the space as commented about the wonderful creative energy that fills it. Come on in and splash around. (take a look below at some of the class photos! So fun!)

And of course, this is me, your professor, Rodney Allen Trice. I've been doing this for more than 20 years now. I have had my work auctioned at Chrystie's in NYC, press around the world and Time Magazine put me on their Green Design 100 List for the Top Eco-Designers in the world to watch. Let me teach you what I have learned. (For a deeper bio, check out "about the artist" on my work site.)

photo by Peter Chin