The Family Jewels!

— one 3-hr. workshop, $65

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE jewelry, as anyone can tell just by looking at me! In this 3-hour seminar we will explore many of the ways that jewelry can be created from things that you’d never imagine! Scrap wood, metal, old paper and appliance parts can all become jewelry you will be proud to say you made yourself.This seminar surely has the potential to open up your mind to ongoing exploration and creation of how you adorn yourself. So fun!

Provided with price of class: Everything you will need for one piece is provided.


When the Lights Go Out!

— one 3-hr. workshop, $65

In this class we use old burnt-out incandescent bulbs, transforming them into one of two items: an oil lamp or a small bud vase. Both of these projects are so cute and fun and really easy to do. The light bulb is such an iconic object that it’s fun to see it in a new "light."

Provided with price of class: Everything you will need for one of the two projects is provided.


Nice Package!

— one 3-hr. seminar, $65

After reading that 30% of human garbage is packaging, I knew that solutions needed to be found. So I began my Envoltura series and am developing ways to work with packaging to refit/upcycle it into useful and lovely new objects This could range from lighting to small tables or wall shelves. The possibilities are as infinite as the garbage we toss out.

Provided with price of class: everything you will need is provided.


Time Will Tell!

— one 3-hr. seminar, $65

Well, I'm sure you have seen everything made into a clock. Tiresome, right? Wrong! There are ways to transform things into a clock that feel natural and right. This single seminar teaches you how to do just that and create a clock of your own to take home that day.

Provided with price of class: clock parts. Additionally, the tools required to complete the object will be available. You, however, will be required to find the main object to work with. (That is part of the learning!)